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Online training, coaching and community to help you develop healthy habits that create wild success and strong leadership in all areas of your life

Grow your business exponentially, crush your biggest goals, get that promotion, overcome the frustration of failure.

You now have access to a system that unlocks unbelievable growth, both personally and professionally.

We have taken our years of experience and expertise as management consultants to companies and leaders of all shapes and sizes and created ImpactLaunch...A system that helps you rediscover who you are, overcome your largest barriers, create healthy habits that lead to incredible success and strong leadership in all areas of your life.

This is a system that companies have spent thousands, even hundreds of thousands, of dollars for...You now have access to it at an extremely affordable price.

Why should I join the Impact Launch Family?

When you join the ImpactLaunch family you have UNLIMITED access to the following for the next year!

Full access to the Core 5-Step Process to wild success
We have spent almost 20 years of working with leaders and organizations of all shapes and sizes to create this incredible, methodical system that guides you down the path of self discovery to the development of crazy,healthy habits that lead to unbelievable success and strong leadership in ALL areas of your life!
Ongoing live and recorded training (updated monthly)
Every month we will provide high caliber live, or recorded training, exclusively to all members of the ImpactLaunch family.  During live trainings, you will haver the opportunity to interact and engage the ImpactLaunch expert presenting the training material.  However, if you happen to miss the live training, the recording will be uploaded with full access!
ImpactLaunch Community Engagement - Forums, live chat, etc...
This is what sets ImpactLaunch apart from all other leadership development courses...We don't just provide an atomic bomb full of value in the content provided...You have the opportunity to connect swith other, likeminded leaders to share your growth journey with.  You can actively engage your ImpactLaunch family via online forums and live chats.  Have fun engaging with others and growing together!
Expert video cast with guided discussion
We continuously engage experts in various areas (e.g. business leaders, emotional intelligence experts, etc...) and pick their brains to obtain gold mines of value and information.  These video casts are live or recorded, but only available to the ImpactLaunch family!  
Access to the ImpactLaunch consulting team
When you become a member of the ImpactLaunch family you have access to the ImpactLaunch consultants.  These are high caliber consultants that haver a history of working incredible leaders and organizations, and who often cost $300+/hour...At your disposal via the ImpactLaunch forums, monthly video cast (see below) and chat!
Monthly group coaching video casts
Every month ImpactLaunch Foundar, Scott Caldwell, and other ImpactLaunch consultants hop online with you to discuss your progress as you journey along your individual flight plans.  Every month, there will be a video cast that is specifically focused on each of the 5 flight plans.  That way, no matter where you are in your journey, you can gain access to expert advice, answers to your questions and additional guidance and coaching!
Discounted 1 on 1 coaching
As you go through the process of becoming the best version of yourself, of you would like to take advantage of 1 on 1 coaching, where you and an an expert ImpactLaunch consultant have the opportunity to work together, you have access to this at a discounted price.  In fact, we have made the decision that no ImpactLaunch consultant will will work with any client who has not committed to the ImpactLaunch system.  That is how much we believe in this!

ImpactLaunch Changes Lives!

"The very first Flight Plan was eye-opening for me. I realized that I was overly stressed and could not really ‘dream’ anymore. It helped me reignite my passion and remember why I do what I do. Having a group to process and talk about these steps has been a huge blessing not to mention the accountability factor."

"I see ImpactLaunch having a huge influence on both my personal and professional life!"

"Having an external person join us and guide us provided a news lens to view events through, which is much of what happens in therapy. Impact Launch was much like group therapy for our team!!"

"Impact launch is constantly on my brain and reconnects me to strive and think about what I am doing and how this is benefiting my goals each day."

"Impact Launch Program has helped me become closer, and know more about co-workers that I’ve worked with for years." 

"I am very excited to see what the future holds and how far I can get with Impact Launch."

Experience true, meaningful and mutually beneficial community while growing personally and professionally.