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About ImpactLaunch

Re-Discover Your Passion | Establish Your Vision | Be Wildly Successful

Overcome your largest barriers and be crushing massive goals within just 2 months or we work for free.

The Ultimate Program to Change Your Life

Too often, we become dissatisfied with ourselves because we don't take daily actions to positively impact our lives. "It's too hard to keep my goals." What if we told you that your best self is just a few guided sessions away? Say no to a new life and yes to a new you.

ImpactLaunch provides a systematic approach that guides you through a process of goal creation, active accountability and continuous evolution and development, so you can take control of your life and become the person you've always wanted to be.

Why ImpactLaunch

For any Professional









Professional Coaches

ImpactLaunch is designed to get you focused and have a plan of action to take back control of your life, overcome struggles and achieve your biggest goals yet.  


We guarantee to have you on this track within 60 days or you get your money back.

How ImpactLaunch Works

ImpactLaunch provides a systematic approach that guides you through a process of goal creation, active accountability and continuous evolution and development.

Step #1​

The ImpactLaunch method begins with an initial free consult where you will get the chance to meet with a coach to answer a few questions about who you are and establish some goals of where you want to be. This initial meeting will be all about getting to know you and getting to know your potential coach as well. We will explain the process and answer any questions you might have.

Step #2

After the initial consult, you will then start your journey to the life and person you have always dreamed of. You and your ImpactLaunch coach will meet bi-weekly to establish all the primary elements in place to guide you along your development journey.  These elements will be established through “Flight Plans,” action guides that systematically lead through personal goal development and action planning.​

Step #3

Active Accountability and Evolution: BECOMING YOUR BEST SELF

There are 5 flight plans covering the following categories:

1. Passion, Purpose and Perspective

2. Dream

3. Needs and Assets

4. Goals

5. Action Planning

Our objective upon completion of the above 5 flight plans is for you to have goals and action plans developed for each of the following life areas:

Mental Health

Professional Development

Financial Welfare

Personal Development

Physical Health


Once your goals and have been established the implementation phase will begin.


This entails 2 primary elements, Active Accountability and Evolution.  

#1 Active Accountability

During this phase, you and your ImpactLaunch coach will meet regularly (at least once a month) to assess how you are moving along with you action plans.  Your coach will work to understand the progress you are making with your goals, barriers or struggles you may be having in meeting goals and brainstorm and strategize with you on overcoming barriers. 

#2 Evolution

Evolution occurs every 180 days, or 6-months. This is when you and your ImpactLaunch coach will meet together to assess your overall progress and revisit all of the 5 areas in the aforementioned flight plans to determine evolution in any category covered by the flight plans. Active Accountability will then resume for another 6-month time period.


This is a continual process that consistently, and regularly keeps you on track in making and reaching your personal leadership goals.

Your journey to the life and person you've always dreamed of

begins today...

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